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meet nicole

I'm a creator, and a sucker for love, hands down there's no greater thing on this planet. *cue me wiping tears during your vows + first dances*

My job is to bring you the photos of your dreams, and I LOVE the pressure!

My style is you--your authentic + truest self, colored with your personal taste and favorite photo mood. And my top priority is leaving you in endless awe of the magic we create together. Your editorial collection will showcase who you are with a storybook feel and let you relive your most special and intimate moments forever. 

I'm a spunky gal who after years in Marketing, surrendered to the universe and pursued my passion for photography in full. Cleveland is home for me and my soulmates Moose and Lucy (my Shorkie + Dalmatian)--and when I'm not swimming in photos I enjoy live music + neat finds + great food + the occasional theatre project.

Always psyched to hear from you--tell me your photo dreams! 

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